Understanding the stages of beard growth
For those of you starting out on your beard growth journey, you may be wondering about the stages of growth. What you should be doing to assist growth and more importantly, what you shouldn't be doing.  Here, we help you...
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Why use beard oil
Beard Oil isn't a gimmick. Its a must have product for any length beard. Its not just big long beards that need care. Beard Oil nourishes the hair to make it softer and more manageable. It’s doesn't only hydrate the...
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Beard butter v's beard balm

In short, beard balm is a physically harder product than beard butter. There is a reason behind this and it comes down to the amount of bees wax used in each of the products.

Bees wax is an essential ingredient in both balm and butter but a greater amount is used when producing any beard balm.

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Stop using beard oil wrong
Beard oil is not designed solely for the hair. It is formulated to help skin retain it's moisture and promote healthy hair growth.  Yes it is to be applied to the hair but mainly to the skin. When I developed...
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