Beard Butter Tea Tree

Beard Butter Tea Tree

Beard Butter Tea Tree

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Tea Tree has some amazing bennafits as well as being a nice fresh scent such as

  • Anti Fungal
  • Ant Inflammatory
  • Anti Viral 
  • Great for acne 
  • Stops dry skin
  • Helps with greasy skin

It's a good choice if you get break outs or dry skin under your beard.

Our beard butter is a leave in conditioner designed to nourish your beard by replacing the natural oils lost during the day. 

The unique ingredients ensure that your beard will be well looked after without feeling greasy.

Every tin is hand crafted to ensure its quality and freshness. 

Where as oil is for the skin butter is for the hair. It hydrates the hair helping keep it from becoming course and getting split ends. If you have a beard that's longer than stubble you will greatly benefit from using this product. 


Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Caster oil, Bees wax, Natural Scent.


Although nut allergies are not usualy triggered by nut oil our products do contail nut derived oils.