What is Beard Fluff?

What is Beard Fluff?

What Is Beard Fluff?

As you may have seen recently (August 2021), Bigfoot Beard Co have released a brand-new product, Beard Fluff. This has been massively exciting for us, and early feedback has been fantastic.

Not only is this a new product for Bigfoot Beard co but is the first product Matthew and I have developed since taking ownership of the brand and extends our range even further.

So, what is a Beard Fluff?

Beard Fluff, in short, is a moisturizer.

But what makes it different to a beard butter?

The first thing you will notice about our beard fluff is how light and fluffy the product is. When using the product, your finger will glide, effortlessly through the fluff for easy removal from the tin.

Being so light and fluffy, the beard fluff melts beautifully in the hands at body temperature. There is no need to warm the product for a long period of time before application.

Whereas beard butter has bees wax in to give a stronger hold, beard fluff does not. This was important to us when developing the product as we wanted a product that gave wonderful moisturizing abilities without the hold. This in turn gives your beard a far more natural feel.

When would I use Beard Fluff and where does it fit in to my routine?

As with any beard product and routine, this is always specific to the individual.

For me however, I use the fluff daily. I use it first thing in the morning after my shower. I will apply a beard oil first and then the fluff.

I also apply a larger amount twice a week before I go to bed. This really helps to moisturize my beard.

Everyone will be different in their routine and needs. I’d certainly encourage you to try Bigfoot’s Beard Fluff and see where it fits in to your own routine.

What’s in a Beard Fluff?

Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil along with Essential Oil.

What scents are available?

We currently have 5 scents in our Beard Fluff range. Berry Blast, Exotic Mango, Lemongrass, Pineapple and Fruit Salad – my personal favourite.

Beard Fluff is a product I certainly encourage everyone to try and have in their product collection. It’s performed wonders on my beard and we know you’ll love it.

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