Understanding the stages of beard growth

Understanding the stages of beard growth

For those of you starting out on your beard growth journey, you may be wondering about the stages of growth. What you should be doing to assist growth and more importantly, what you shouldn't be doing. 

Here, we help you understand the stages of growth. From there you will be able to adapt your daily routine to help you get the beard of your dreams.

A Clean Shave - Day Zero

Once you have decided on growing a beard, as strange as it may sound, start with a clean shave.


Yes, a clean shave. From there, you will need to keep your skin clean and exfoliate on a regular basis. This will encourage beard hair follicles to grow.

Stubble - Day 1 - 14

Everyone is different and your stubble will come through at different times. For some this can take no time at all, for others it may take a lot longer. The important thing to remember is that you are growing your beard, no one else's. Stick with it, it will come though.

while at this stage, you must keep exfoliating on a regular basis. You will also want to invest in some Beard Butter to add moisture back in to your beard. The beard butter will also help with the skin underneath.

Son of an itch - Day 15 - 56

For many men, this is the stage where they give up. They can't handle the itch and shave all their hard work off. 

Don't do it!!!

Your young beard may not look how you want it at the moment, and to make things worse, it may be itchy and your skin may start to flake. 

Fear not, this will not last and there are some simple steps you can take to ensure these issues are reduced.

1. Keep hydrated! Drinking water is not only good for your mental and physical health, it also helps to keep your skin hydrated. This in turn will reduce the amount of itching you may be experiencing.

2. Make sure you are using a high quality Beard Oil. This will really help to moisturise the skin under your ever growing beard. The natural oils in these beard oils really will make all the difference.

3. Continue to use the beard butter you have been using for the last few weeks. This will continue to have benefits to your beard growth by reducing split ends and keeping your beard hair strong. This in turn keeps you beard healthy and more likely to grow longer and thicker.

What ever you do, don't trim your beard.

The Baby Beard - Day 57 - 111

YEEES! Your beard is getting there. The patchy areas that we're annoying the hell out of you are filling out as the overall length increases. If you’ve been using Beard Oil on a regular basis, your beard should be healthy and you can now start trimming and shaping your beard, either at home or at your local barber.

The Beard - Day 112 - 210 

Now that your beard has become your prized possession, you will start receiving admiration from friends, partners and fellow beard enthusiasts. At this stage, you may want to consider using a Beard Balm which nourishes and protects the beard. It will help to hold the style of your beard really well. As beard balm uses a lot more bees wax than the beard butter you have previously been using, balms are not for everyone. Try it out and make your own mind up.

That Guy With "The Beard" - For the rest of your life

Your beard is now fully formed and you will wonder why you did grow it sooner. People will stop you in the street and comment on the length, shape and how magnificent it is. You will walk away with pride thinking to yourself "This is my beard, there are many like it, but this one is mine".

Now that you have the beard of your dreams, a routine is still important, so make sure you hydrate the beard as much as possible. Use a beard brush or comb throughout the day to assist you with cleaning, de-tangling, styling and applying Beard Oil/Balm.


Enjoy your beard, take care of it and take the compliments that come with it with pride.

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