Meet Aaron, one of our first brand ambassadors

Meet Aaron, one of our first brand ambassadors

How you doing brother?

Aye, I’m good bro. Good to hear from you.

How do you feel about being the first ambassador to have a blog written about them?

To be fair, I thought it was gunna be Ben, he beat me too it.

Nah…….He’s too slow and didn’t get back to me in time

Ah, it’s great man, surprising……..but good

So…… how old are you


Where do you live?

The beautiful town of Blackwood in South Wales

What do you do for work?

I work for Aldi and I’ve recently become the Co-Owner of Bigfoot Coffee Co

Ahhhh sweet, bro. That’s awesome. That coffee is sick. How have you found it, becoming a Co – Owner of a business, I mean?

It's good. Obviously, I get a lot of questions from old customers and some new ones, also. Most of the questions are around the brand name and if both Bigfoot Beard Co and Bigfoot Coffee Co are still one and the same. I’m happy to explain the history of both and how they have developed.

It’s keeping me busy which is good because a busy life is the best life.

Is there anything quirky about you that you want to share?

Not really, I have a boring life besides being a dad and owning enough animals in my house for a petting zoo 🤣

Any other nonsense you want to share?

I spend too much time looking after my beard 🤣 especially when as soon as I eat, the beard gets some too.

When we're you last clean shaven?

April 2019…………………it was terrible.

What made you start you beard journey?

Beards were a no go at work, you had to be clean shaven since it was classed as a smarter look. Since the moment the rule was removed, i've let it grow.

How many inches are you 😜?

Ooh cheeky 👀 from chin to end of the beard I am………………….12 and half inches

F**k me……….Does the extra half an inch make the difference?

Haha, no……not really.

What's your favourite beard product we sell?

For me it must be the butters 😍 literally the best butters around. Then again, the moustache wax needs more credit than given for sure!

What's your favourite scent we use?

Ice Latté is my absolute favourite! It's that scent of walking into a coffee shop at a busy time and breathing all that beautifully roasted coffee smell.

Do you have any beard growing advice?

Just let it grow, you'll have days where you want to shave it off due to what I like to call the messy itchy stage, it's that breaking point of you've had enough. Don't do it. It will pass. Let it grow and flourish.

One last question before I leave you to crack on with your day, bro…………. What’s you Instagram handle?


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